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Mets suffer destructive 4-3 loss in Monday matinee

Mets lose costly game late

With the Mets coming off of a 9-0 defeat on Sunday, they did not do themselves any favors by coughing up a 3-2 7th inning lead today and eventually giving up the go-ahead run in the 9th inning.  For some reason, the Mets sometimes seem to be in awe about past games and forget that they have a game to play in front of themselves.  After Jacob DeGrom's fantastic performance on Saturday, the Mets dropped two straight games.  Why?  The answer is that they could only talk about what DeGrom did and acted like everything was pointing up when in reality it was just one game.  The Mets seem to forget that the objective of the games they play is to win.  Instead, it seems to be more about promotions and everyone having a good time at the ball park.  

Before today's game the Mets were 6.5 GB of the Giants and 7.0 GB of the Cardinals in the N.L. wild card.  With two months to play, one could say they are still technically in the race.  However, their performance today was unacceptable for a team on the periphery of a wild card race.  Their is non-stop talk about how good the Mets young bullpen is and how Jeurys Familia and Jenry Mejia are going to be great arms for years to come for the New York Mets.  However, they both blew today's game.  When it really counts, they do not have what it takes to pitch in big spots.  It is time for the Mets to stop giving credit to other teams and to start taking ownership for their poor play.  

"There is always next year" is getting very old very fast.  Blowing a 3-2 7th inning lead at home against the team you are chasing in the wild card is absolutely unacceptable and their should be zero tolerance for it.  These kind of games are demoralizing and destroy team morale.  And with the talk about next year being the year, this type of performance will still be taking place due to the fact that these young bullpen arms are being deified before proving themselves.  

The team didn't even seem upset after today's loss.  There almost needs to be someone in the dugout who takes the water cooler and throws it to create a spark.  This kind of play cannot be tolerated anymore.  No excuses.  Yes, Daniel Murphy homered and Juan Lagares made a nice throw but both of those plays are nullified because they lost.  The objective is to win, not to almost win.  The Mets need to understand that.

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