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Another year of the same old Jets is upon us

The Buttfumble

Unfortunately, recent defensive injuries for the Jets have made the outlook on the upcoming season look much more bleak.  Rex Ryan may be saying one thing, but the team is doing another.  The first teams of both the Colts and Bengals annihilated the Jet's first team in the first two preseason meetings, proving that the Jets 2-0 record is the most misleading stat out there.  

Let's face it, Geno Smith is not a franchise quarterback but it is inevitable that he will start for the Jets.  The one thing that doesn't make sense is that regardless of whether you are a Smith fan or not, it is obvious that Geno is going to be the starter, so why are the Jets waiting to name the starting quarterback?  It is detrimental to the players on the team to let this "quarterback" competition go on any longer.  The players need to know who is going to be leading them in the huddle so they can plan accordingly.  

As for Rex Ryan, did he seriously talk about using Michael Vick in a wildcat package?  It is almost as if Rex was not present for the 2012 season when Tim Tebow was thrust into a similar situation.  If you can remember, that did not have a pretty ending.  It is almost as if the Jets are purposely doing the wrong things.  

All of these problems don't even get into the fact that the Jets in essence felt that Dee Milliner would suffice at cornerback.  As a result of this mindset and his injury, they are paper thin at cornerback and are in serious trouble.  Although John Idzik is just starting out, that is 100% his fault.  It is understood that Idzik could not have foreseen the Dexter Mcdougle injury, but that is the only pass he should get.

Raise your hand if your tired about Rex Ryan saying that "nobody wants to face us" and "you tell em' were coming" because I know I am.  The only things that teams are worried about when they face the Jets is where they are going out to dinner after the game.  When looking at the first seven games of the season, it isn't out of the realm of possibilities that the Jets end up going 1-6.  The Oakland Raiders are a possible victory for the Jets during the opening week, but after that, the Jets face six straight pro-bowl caliber quarterbacks.  There is a saying, "It ain't over til the fat lady sings."  Well, the fat lady has sang.

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